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Collaboration is beautiful. Community brings people together and we learn more from each other than we ever could alone. With that spirit in mind, we want to highlight some of the great people who make this collaborative space more enjoyable.

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We could say a lot of things about how the MIDWIFE + the BAKER came to be but the short of it is that we are husband and wife, we happen to have two of the oldest professions, and we are psyched to be able to work with our hands everyday and stay connected to the simple and essential things in life - Mac as baker and Jaime as midwife.

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June Taylor Jams

We work directly with small family farms, seeking out heirloom and forgotten fruits, hoping to revive the tastes of our collective pasts. These fruits, once commonly grown and available, are now rare and almost extinct. Supporting the farmers who grow them helps to ensure that these varieties of fruit will not be lost

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Tcho chocolate

Tcho chocolate makes everything better. Making better chocolate is simple. Source ethically. Treat growers fairly. Preserve the land. Doing it the TCHO way results in a better tasting chocolate you can believe in.

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Jered’s Pottery is Jered Nelson and his talented crew of artists and craftspeople. Jered has hand-thrown over 100,000 vessels in his 27-year career as a potter. Beautiful design, Jered believes, inevitably comes from fine craftsmanship. Jered’s fascination with how people interact with ordinary objects—a lip to a cup, a hand on a bowl—inspires the subtle details in his work.


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Blue Willow Tea

Blue Willow tea is a one-woman labor of love. Owned and operated by Ali Roth since 2012, Blue Willow is one of the few tea distributors in the United States committed to providing single-origin teas directly from farms dedicated to sustainable practices and humane living conditions for tea workers and their families.


soup by Passione Pizza

In November 2013, Master Pizzaiolo Fabrizio Cercatore opened the doors to what is his newest and most personal project to date, Passione Pizza. Based in Berkeley, combines the highest quality United States grown artisan flours and grains with the culinary traditions of Italy.